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Xiamen University Malaysia Scholarships 2017


Merit Scholarships 
Merit Scholarships are offered in 2017 based on the academic achievements.

Scholarship Rounds 
February, April, August and September semesters of the academic year 2017

Applicants must 
meet all the entry requirements of a foundation or an undergraduate programme of study at XMUM accept an unconditional offer to begin their full-time studies at XMUM in 2017, obtain the desired results in one of the entry qualifying examinations such as SPM, UEC, STPM and A Level, or have good academic record in the previous study

All incoming new students who enroll in XMUM’s foundation or undergraduate programmes in 2017 will be automatically considered for the scholarships. Under the scholarship scheme, tuition fee waivers will be granted according to the actual results obtained in one of the entry qualifying examinations as stated below:



** Applicants who enroll in any undergraduate science programmes with 6As in UEC or 3As in STPM/ A-level are eligible for a FULL scholarship with a letter of recommendation from the school principal or counselor.

Or according to the academic performance during Foundation or Diploma programmes as stated below:



Duration of Scholarships 
All recipients of the Merit Scholarship will be given a tuition fee waiver for the entire duration of their foundation studies or their first year of undergraduate studies. For those embarking on an undergraduate programme, their scholarships are renewable for the subsequent academic years subject to their academic performance.

For more information on the scholarships and application procedures please visit Xiamen University Malaysia website.

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