Recognizing the ‘anger’ China, Trump quickly to appoint the Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad as the US ambassador to China in an effort to ‘cool down’ situation, knowing good relations with leaders of the Iowa Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The move was deemed `safe passage ‘to clarify the relationship with the communist country.


Trump seems there is ingenuity in situ following feedback quiet of China who called Branstad as ‘old friends’ republic.

Branstad is no stranger to Jinping as they had known each other since 1985, when Jinping who is still in office as a junior officer in China, visited Iowa.

The governor also visited China several times, but never Jinping invited to dinner in Des Moines, Iowa in 2012, nine months before the Chinese leader was sworn in as President of China.

“The friendship of 30 years with Jinping, we respect and admire each other than the personality of the people and our culture, ” said Randstad.