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This electric multicopter can fly at speeds of over 100 km/h

Swedish startup Jetson has created a spectacular electric octocopter, which distinguishes itself from the competition with its top speed, which can exceed 100 km/h.

In theory, it can take off or land anywhere, from a garden or a terrace although its use is limited to relatively short trips, because its autonomy does not exceed 20 minutes.

Described as a “personal electric aerial vehicle”, the aircraft is mainly composed of aluminium and carbon fiber, for a weight of 86kg. It is propelled by eight powerful electric motors connected to as many propellers and can reach an electrically limited maximum speed of 102 km/h.

The Jetson One is a single-seater vehicle, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL). Designed to be fun and above all safe to fly, its creators have included a safety cell inspired by those of racing cars. In the event of the loss of one of the motors, the aircraft can continue to fly normally and safely. It also has hands-free hover and emergency functions.

In case of real danger, a ballistic parachute deploys. Note that the Jetson One is also equipped with Lidar sensors in order to avoid collision with any obstacle.

After a prototype was completed in 2018, the first orders have already been placed and customers should see deliveries by 2023. Each unit is priced at US$92,000 (RM381,570) and comes as a do-it-yourself kit.

Projects for electric urban air travel are cropping up all around. In France, Paris is envisioning flying taxis, to be inaugurated during the 2024 Olympic Games. The Volocity project, developed by German startup Velocopter, has already been tested in Dubai and Singapore.

Meanwhile French startup Caps has come up with a unique and innovative concept of urban travel, in the form of individual and autonomous aerial “capsules”. The first commercial operation is not expected before 2025 or 2026. – AFP Relaxnews

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