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This Cool Map Shows You The Astonishing Diversity Of Indian Textiles


Saturday, 21 January 2017 :  India’s handlooms have enjoyed a revival of sorts over the last couple of years, thanks to the efforts of fashion designers and viral social media campaigns such as the #100SareePact and #IWearHandloom. But sadly, India’s astonishing array of textiles is a treasure trove still unknown to most except the most ardent handloom enthusiasts.

From the vibrant tie-dye colours of Gujarat’s bandhani fabric to Kashmir’s finely woven cashmere wool pashmina, Indian textiles are living repositories of a vast and rich tradition with their own unique techniques, patterns, history and culture. This handy map, presented by the e-commerce portal Craftsvilla, represents the diversity of Indian textiles by illustrating different regions of the country with the fabric indigenous to them.

The map features famous weaves such as Tamil Nadu’s Kanjeevaram and Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderi, along with lesser-known ones such as the geometric Apatani weave from Arunachal Pradesh and the chequered cotton fabric from Goa’s Kunbi tribe. 

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