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The world acclaimed “Japan white strawberry, WOW!”

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“In Japan, inside and out a white, a red seed,” There is a strawberry that called”Scent Of First Love” or Hastukoi No Kaori in japanese. They won the root. “Awesome!” “Japan is huh sometimes very unique,” such as comments have been submitted.


Of course, “Scent of First Love” is real in Japan. Miyoshi Agri-Tech to produce and sell seedlings of strawberries and sweet potato (Yamanashi Prefecture Hokuto City) in 2009 variety registration . White appearance appear to be sour, but the acidity is less sweet.

The “Scent of First Love” was something that was born in mutation. It, so can those same white every time, also in order to make strawberry equipped with a sweetness and aroma, was repeated improvement. Before registration, that spent the years of the 20 years .

Feature that turns red and yellow to ripen and faintly pink, feelings and cheek, at the time it was first love has been named as the “scent of first love” because it overlaps with the image dyed pink. Popular with, such as for gifts, there is that it is also sold in e-commerce site (However, good price).


In addition, white strawberry called “Pine Berry” is in the US and Europe famous . This is, in a native to South America, a whopping pineapple taste. Photo posted at the beginning also, in fact, it is Pine Berry instead of “scent of first love”.

“Scent Of First Love” the length narrower than “Pine Berry”, close to the shape of strawberries that have been sold well in Japan. It should be noted that, “to transmit the Japan of information ONLY in JAPAN According to”, there is indeed a large number of white strawberries in Japan, every year so that new varieties appear.


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