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Thailand Announces Startup Stock Exchange: What Can We Expect?

Thailand is a lively and thriving country to start a small business. However, in my assessment of startups from Bangkok and Bangkok’s startup ecosystem, there needs to be better exit channels for startups in Thailand. Just one week after returning from a visit there, I have already heard of a proposed platform that may address this.


The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is planning to set up a new exchange for listing startups in 2017. Like traditional stock exchanges, the underlying intention is fund raising and liquidity, so startups can list and issue products on this new exchange.

Up to now, back door listings or reverse listings have been the only ways startups have been able to list on stock exchanges.

With this exciting news by Kesara Manchusree, president of the SET, this could be a “zero to hero” opportunity for many startups.

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