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After Biden warning, hackers define ‘critical’ as they see fit

After a furious run of ransomware attacks in the first half of the year, President Joe Biden in July warned his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that Russia-based hacking groups should steer clear of 16 critical sectors of the US economy.

In recent days, a Russia-linked ransomware group called BlackMatter attacked a grain cooperative in Iowa, an incident that appears to test Biden’s terms since "food and agriculture” is one of the protected sectors.

In messages with Bloomberg News, however, BlackMatter said it has rules for how it operates its ransomware operation, a sort of ethical playbook for an illegal enterprise. Hospitals, the defence industry and the government sector are off-limits, according to details on the group’s dark web page. The ha

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Web hosting service Exabytes hit by ransomware attack, still restoring services

PETALING JAYA: Exabytes, a Penang-based web hosting service, was hit by a ransomware attack over the weekend, though it claims most of its services have since been restored.

The ransomware, which occurred at 5am on Sept 18, disrupted its services, mainly its Windows VPS (virtual private server) and Windows hosting services.

In a post on 4.23am on Sept 19, the company said it had concluded a management meeting and will initiate its recovery plan immediately.

The company’s data restoration effort stands at 80% as of 3pm on Sept 20, said Exabytes CEO and founder Chan Kee Siak.

“The matter is under investigation now and we are unable to provide any further information on this at this moment.

“Discussions are underw

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Digital currency clears a path for helicopter money, says author

Bahamas has the ‘Sand Dollar’, Sweden is developing the e-krona and China is piloting the e-yuan. The evolution of central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, is set to get supercharged in ways that will have profound implications both for economic policy making and for the societies around us, according to a leading expert.

Cornell University academic, Eswar Prasad, who once led the International Monetary Fund’s China team, this month publishes a new book titled The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance, which takes an in-depth look at how our wallets are set to evolve.

Advantages to CBDCs include more transparency and the ability to tackle organised crime, Prasad said in an interview. But the chan

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FBI warns sextortionists targeting children as young as seven, adults of all ages

The FBI is warning people to not fall prey to sextortionists.

Sextortion is a growing trend as criminals use social media and video games to elicit nude photos and videos from young children, adults and romantic partners, FBI officials said.

The criminals then use the materials to blackmail victims into sending money or more explicit photos, FBI El Paso Division Special Agent Jeanette Harper said.

"What we usually see is a relationship that either goes sour or wasn't even legitimate to begin with where the victim is lured into a false sense of security and succumbs to pressure of providing those images or those type of videos," Harper said.

"The (sextortionist) wants to distribute private or sensitive materials to your friends, your family

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Work together or fail: ‘Operation: Tango’ is a game built for two

An agent and a hacker chase a notorious cyber criminal who wants to get access to everyone’s personal data. That's the essence of “Operation: Tango.”

But what makes this game really special is that it's made for two players to play together without being in the same room.

At the beginning, you and your friend get to choose between being either agent Angel or hacker Alistar. Both roles have their charm and each faces their own challenges. It’s a co-op game, but you don’t get to share a screen with your co-player.

Instead the agent player and the hacker player can sit at home in front of their own console or PC. Each player only sees their part of the game, so communication via headset is vital.

As you might expect of a hacker, Alis

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Millions of gamers on HP computers left vulnerable by security flaw

Overclock your processor, adjust the fan speed, tweak the graphics – the essential hardware controls for HP's gaming computers all happen using the company's Omen Gaming Hub suite.

Unfortunately for the millions of Windows users gaming on a HP Omen computer, it turns out this central piece of software has a serious security vulnerability.

The flaw allows attackers to deactivate security software, change system settings, manipulate the operating system and install malware on the computer, among other nefarious activities, say the cybersecurity experts from IT security firm Sentinel One who discovered the vulnerability and have informed HP about it.

As a result, millions of HP notebooks and PCs from the Omen gaming series, where the Omen Gaming Hub

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