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Squiggle Eyebrows Are A Thing Now, And The Internet Is Confused

Tuesday, 5 September 2017 :  Beauty bloggers are getting more creative with eyebrows. And, in the process, raising them.

“Squiggle brows” are the newest trend in the makeup world, and some people are really opposed to them. The carefully drawn look is a replacement for the insanely artistic feather eyebrow trend that popped up earlier this year.

Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has been credited with starting the trend on her Instagram page. Tamang was inspired after she saw a photo that had been edited to make an eyebrow look wavy.

The beauty guru said that negative comments are predictable, and that they don’t bother her.

Hannah, who is in West Yorkshire, England, said reactions have definitely been mixed. And even though there have been more negative comments than positive, she’s happy to get the conversation going.

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