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Singaporean dies of heart attack after catching rare Pokemon

Thursday, 2 March 2017


A 67-year-old man recently suffered a heart attack and died outside of a rail station in Singapore not long after capturing a rare Pokemon. The man’s widow told that he was playing the popular smartphone game Pokemon Go! just before his death.

Her husband played the game near the train station on a regular basis, and that he went there after a birthday meal held for a family member.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed that they transported the man to Singapore General Hospital.

Her husband had a history of heart disease, and the wife said she immediately suspected he’d had a heart attack when the hospital contacted her.

Before the heart attack the man was able to catch a second generation creature called ‘Granbull’ along with a rare Pokemon called a ‘Lapras,’ according to his phone’s GPS records.

The deceased was a Level 28 player and had captured over 200 Pokemon.

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