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‘Sexy Jon Snow’ Costume For Women Its Here

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 :   Halloween is coming, and retailers are clearly hoping to capitalize on the mass hysteria and fanfare surrounding “Game of Thrones.” Thanks to that killer new coat, Daenerys Targaryen is a no-brainer as the most fashionable costume option for ladies.

But there’s also a “sexy” Jon Snow getup, for some reason.

Yandy’s “Sexy Northern Queen Costume” costume features a plunging neckline, gold stud accents, a loin cloth, what the site calls “a cheeky butt” (but doesn’t show in photos) and, of course, a faux fur cloak to wear on top, just like the King in the North.

Now, look, we’re all about a good GoT reference, and Snow is undeniably sexy. But is there any real need for a women’s Jon Snow Halloween costume? No. Does that mean we have doubts the elaborate $149 look will sell out?

Ask any Halloween retailer and they’ll tell you, anything can be “sexy” if you cut a few holes in it and pair it with fishnets (which are not included, by the way).

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