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SELANGOR: Ecole P Cafe

It’s time for fans of imaginative fare to return to Ecole P, thanks to a new menu crafted by cafe founders Steven & Ilrene (to launch Fri, Jul 11). These one-of-a-kind recipes are still being tweaked; expect them to evolve once customer feedback flows in.

You may have tried dozens of baked eggs by now, but there have never been baked eggs like Ecole P’s ‘Three Emperors’ (RM14.90 nett), laced with bits of salted egg yolk & century eggs for a flavourful Oriental flourish, plus sausage meat (for now) & pumpkin cream, served with lovely fresh bread. Baked-egg lovers, order this East-West invention; more memorable than most.

This one’s a little bit Malaysian, a little bit Middle Eastern, somewhat Mexican & maybe kinda Mediterranean too (!!!): Flatbread of ‘roti canai,’ constructed like a burrito (RM11.90) with a stuffing of smoked chicken breast, peanut hummus (Ecole P’s own too) & vegetables, plus a side of dal-inspired, no-gravy chickpea salad.

Alternatively, have it Thai-style: Chilli-&-garlic linguine with Thai basil & lime-seasoned black tilapia, complemented with a tangy mango sauce. RM18.90. Not quite aglio olio, but a fun & adventurous take on it.

We’re avid admirers of Ecole P’s tandoori chicken schnitzel (this is the only cafe where ‘tandoori’ & ‘schnitzel’ rest comfortably on the same page), beautifully honey-brined breast with a light tandoori marinade, perfectly pan-fried with a breadcrumb crust, served hot & juicy with a cornflake salad & lemon to zest things up. RM17.90.
Also a potential favourite for many: Claypot rice, fried with seaweed, mixed mushrooms & carrots, topped with tender, mesquite-smoked chicken (RM16.90). Lift the lid & a potently captivating fragrance wafts out, a harbinger of the earthy pleasures to come.

Sago gula melaka with mango & jackfruit purees (RM8.90), also a nice option for no-meat lunches & dinners.


LOCATION: First Floor, 19, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

OPERATING HOURS:Weekdays, 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm (closed on Thursdays). Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), 11am-10pm.

CONTACT Tel: 03-7732-9711

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