However, the handsome player who hails from Adelaide, Australia was still not satisfied because he also has a keen interest in surfing and want to choose sport as a professional career if not bound as a golfer.


Scott became interested in surfing after suffering a knee injury in 2008 that left him forced to withdraw from the Australian Open golf tournament.

Even after the injury was recovering, Scott was still not able to leave the surf, and even choose a professional surfer, Benji Weatherly to be his caddy in the tournament as soon as the return of the golf.

Despite facing waves of up to eight feet, he shows no fear and that many who admire him.

“I skied four times with him throughout the world. I then met him again in New York a few months ago and he asked if I wanted to be his caddy. I said, why not.

“It will be fun because I love golf but never close to the championship.

“Adam was like water skiing and has never been afraid to stand up in waves of up to eight feet, we have in common,” Weatherly said.

However, like golf, water skiing also demands a high commitment for a person to become a successful professional surfer.

Reaching the age of 36 years, is quite impossible for Scott to choose two sports seriously.

“I know my abilities slide but there were times when you need to make judgments accordingly. “I will not find big waves because I do not want to harm myself, water skiing have elements that are important to me,” said Scott.

“Golf is my life and for surfing the ‘Masa Adam’ because the two real different sport. “Both sports are my passion, surfing is a way for me to escape from the world,” he said.

Scott said he had been advised by the US media manager, Shelly Ryan to be more careful when surfing for fear seriously injured that could damage his career.

“Shelly has advised me for fear that I would be injured while skating but as I said, I will not put myself in danger,” he said.

Source : Internet