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Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 drones introduced into the market

Thursday, 17 November 2016

phantom 4 pro

DJI has just introduced a couple of new drones into the market.

The first is the “pro” version of the Phantom 4, predictably called the Phantom 4 Pro while the second is the update to its high-end Inspire line called the Inspire 2.

While the Phantom 4 Pro looks like the regular Phantom 4, there have been a number of improvements made to the Pro.

For one thing, the Phantom 4 Pro now comes with a gimbal-stabilised, 1in 20-megapixel sensor which is capable of shooting 4K video at up to 60-frames-per-second.

The Phantom 4 Pro also comes with additional sensors on the back and side so it can see all around and avoid obstacles even when the drone is flying sideways or backwards.

Of course, the Phantom 4 Pro comes with all the features of the Phantom 4 as well and that includes ActiveTrack (which allows you to select the subject for the drone to automatically follow) and multiple redundant sensors so that the drone can still fly back to you when one sensor fails.


For the high-end, there’s the Inspire 2, the drone which has replaceable cameras and has so much power on tap that it can go from 0kph to 80kph in just four seconds and has a maximum speed of 108kph.

However, what makes the Inspire 2 suitable for professional filmmaking is that it is capable of recording 5.2K video in the CinemaDNG RAW format for the highest resolution and flexibility when editing.

The Inspire 2 also comes with all the obstacle avoidance sensors that the newer Phantom drones have.

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