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mi kari ipoh



Restoran Mat Daud Jasak serving mi kari is the best in Ipoh but said the visitor can travel a traffic jam Ipoh to find this restaurant.

With components such as mi kari complete ‘fishball’, tofu and sauce is thick and fat, anyone would easily captivated by its taste even a little sick if ingested in large quantities.

In addition to mi kari, mi kicap also adds to the uniqueness of this restaurant. mi kicap is very popular in Ipoh and this menu is hard to find elsewhere. Ketchup fans definitely will not give up this menu which is tasty and flavourful.


Usually mi kicap served with tofu yong yong tofu soup and components that can be individually selected. Even yong tofu soup is also a menu in this restaurant and you can order it yourself.

Mi sup is also among the menu also alluring. In addition to mee, its contents can be replaced with vermicelli or kueyteow.

There kueyteow curries, soups and also kueyteow kueyteow vermicelli soy sauce aside. If you Ipoh, certainly a visit to this restaurant is not an act that would be detrimental.


Address :  Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh

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