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London Underground strike causes commuter chaos

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Millions of commuters have faced delays and frustration as a strike by London Underground station staff shut down most of the city’s subway network.

Several central London subway lines were closed during rush hour on Monday morning (local time), forcing many to walk, use overcrowded buses, or work from home.

Other Underground lines offered only sporadic service as drivers on the capital’s roads experienced heavy traffic.

Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union (RMT) general secretary Mike Cash said they are protesting job cuts and ticket-office closures, citing safety issues.

“The London Underground got rid of 800 frontline staff, introduced a new way of operating and ever since then there’s been problems day in, day out for our members now this operates,” he said.

“That’s why we are back into dispute, because what they’ve introduced, cost-cutting message they introduced, getting rid of 800 frontline staff has been an absolute disaster as far as our members are concerned and want to see it reversed.”

Transport for London (TFL) said services were greatly reduced throughout Monday.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged the unions to continue talks, saying the disputes began under former mayor Boris Johnson.

“I’d like to thank the Transport for London staff who’ve worked so hard to keep the buses moving and open nearly 70% of stations across the Tube network, despite the strike,” he wrote on Facebook.

“We are committed to resolving [the dispute] amicably. A good deal, that will ensure station safety and staffing levels across the Tube network, remains on offer, and I urge the unions to continue talks.

The strike also closed subway links from terminals four and five at London Heathrow airport and connections at London’s major train stations.

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