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Lau Dan responds to rumours of son Hawick Lau’s alleged affair with Angel Wang

Lau Dan wasn’t in the mood to answer questions about his son’s alleged cheating rumors when he attended a golf event in Dongguan, China a few days ago.

His son, Hawick Lau , is rumored to be cheating on his wife Yang Mi with Chinese actress Angel Wang, his costar in the upcoming television drama The Legend of Jade Sword .

“There’s always going to be rumors like those,” said Lau Dan, as he walked briskly across the golf field. “Today we’re attending a charity event. Let’s not talk about this.”

The veteran actor did, however, gladly answered questions about his granddaughter, nicknamed Sticky Rice, reported Jayne Stars.

Asking if he plans to give his granddaughter some golf lessons, Lau Dan said, “She’s only two and a half years old now. I’ll hire someone to teach her once she’s a bit older.”


(How come you’re not bringing her today?) “She’s at day care.”

(Do you miss her?) “Well, I’m going to see her tonight!”

With the Christmas holidays being only a few weeks away, reporters asked Lau Dan if Hawick and Yang Mi plan to take the weekend off to visit their daughter in Hong Kong.

He said, “It’s not a big holiday for us. Regardless, they will come back whenever they’re on break. My son is in Xinjiang, while my daughter-in-law is in Shanghai.”


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