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Jared Padalecki Writes a Touching Letter to His Three Kids

Thursday, 29 June 2017 :  As a father of three, Jared Padalecki knows all there is to know about balancing fatherhood with his successful career.

But in a heartfelt note to his little ones, the actor expressed his unwavering gratitude to them for coming into his life and, in his words, turning his “world upside down.”

His wife, Genevieve Cortese, proudly shared her partner’s words on a blog post and wrote, “The kids may be a little too young to fully appreciate it, but one day I hope they read this and know what a great dad they have. When it comes to being a father, Jared has found his calling.”

“I realize father’s day was supposed to be about…well…’fathers’…praising them and thanking them and making them feel needed and appreciated. But, as the ‘father’ in this relationship, I wanted to change things up a bit. Specifically, I wanted to take this opportunity, after my fifth father’s day (and counting), not to say ‘you’re welcome’, but to say ‘thank you.'”

It was then that Padalecki listed a series of thank you’s to his two sons and one daughter, ranging from thanking them to waking him up “earlier than a rooster would even consider crowing” to using him as “a punching bag” and a “bean bag.”
The extensive list was filled with lighthearted jokes but also sentimental notes about how happy the last five years of fatherhood has made him.

“I have your back. Now and always. Though, I should warn you, sometimes ‘having your back’ will mean not letting you do something you think you want to. Or, maybe it will even mean ‘scolding you’ when you’re doing something dangerous, or ‘correcting you’ when you’re frustrated and lashing out, or not quite being who your mother and I know you can be.

You’ve humbled me. You’ve helped me rediscover the joy of discovery. You’ve turned my world upside down. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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