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Japan hot “8:16 diet”, without diet can be healthy and thin


Weight loss is not equal to the pain of diet, in Japan, hot “8:16 diet” as long as the right time to eat, not hungry but also healthy weight.

1. set their own physiological clock of the gold diet 8 hours

Want to lose weight first and foremost, is to make the body is also very comfortable with the state, according to their own physiological clock to set their own 8 hours of eating time, the remaining 16 hours do not eat, so that the stomach has enough time Go for good digestion heat and rest! If 10 am to work, gold eight hours is 10: 00-18: 00.

2. What to eat what to eat, do not over-can

In this precious 8 hours, as much as possible to eat what to eat, but the premise is not deliberately indiscriminate eating, want to say with 8 hours of immunity to fried chicken, donuts, baked rice, pearl milk tea, Absolutely not! Or according to normal eating, but do not overdose, want to eat at night can not eat to spit! In addition, if you really want to dessert, then try to eat before noon, so there is enough time to consume the body heat.

3. To set the law time to eat

Do you know what is most likely to make your body fat? Three meals a day irregular! So be sure to strictly enforce the fixed time to eat, keep a good habit of the body, so that weight loss will be more double.

4 with stretching exercises to more slender stature

If you can exercise, please sync exercise, take a bath after get off work 8 minutes to do TABATA Ye Hao, but if you really do not have time to exercise, please do some soothing stretching exercises before going to bed, this can relieve the pressure on the body, But also allows the muscles to relax, so that more slender body type.

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