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In Praise of Insecure, Queen Sugar and Other Peak TV Delights

Insecure, Queen Sugar, Atlanta

There is a lot of TV in the world right now. In fact, one might argue there is entirely too much TV—and they wouldn’t be wrong.

We are firmly in the Peak TV era, where, at last count, there were more than 400 (!!) scripted shows on TV; where even networks like TruTV are racing to have scripted programming despite how antithetical said programming is to their brand; and where anyone who had just one sorta-hit song in the ’90s can get a reality series if they really try hard enough. Most of the shows out there are, frankly, mediocre and wading through the glut to find the gems is no easy feat for the overwhelmed average viewer. (Those Who Can’t, anyone? How about Impastor? Or what about Dead People? Bonus points if you recognize which one of those I just completely made up.) 

Issa Rae, Insecure


The upside to all this, though, is that there are gems to be found. Rare gems that might otherwise have gone unearthed if it weren’t for the countless excavators all working in the same mine called television. The latest in a string of truly remarkable programming to get a shot this fall is HBO’s Insecure, which airs its second episode this Sunday. Created by YouTube star and New York Times bestseller Issa Rae, the comedy centers on Issa (Rae) and her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), two black women living in South L.A., attempting to navigate different worlds while enduring a seemingly endless string of uncomfortable everyday experiences. It’s hilarious, it’s unflinching, and it had such a specificity of vision that, even though this writer is neither black nor female, there’s never a moment that feels inauthentic or manufactured.

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