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Image doodling features adds to WhatsApp

Wednesday, 5 October 2016



WhatsApp is taking a page from Snapchat’s playbook with the launch of new camera features that allow users to add images, emoji and text to their photos.

After capturing a new photo or video, users will automatically see new editing tools allowing them to customize images.

A front-facing flash has also been added to the WhatsApp camera for taking selfies in low light or at night, along with zooming features for recording video.

The new features which are part of what make Snapchat wildly popular roll out on Android phones beginning Tuesday, and will also expand to iPhone.

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星期三,03/05/2017 WhatsApp 是大家最常用的通讯工具,所以很多人无论公或私都会使用同一个电话号码来登记。当联络人越来越多,聊天列表越来越长的时候,一些重要或常用的联络人可能会被其他对话盖过。现在 WhatsApp 就加入了对话置顶(pinned chats)的实用功能,之后就可以将重要的联络人放前面。 WhatsApp 近日在最新的测试版本中加入了此项功能,当你长按着某人的对话时,上方就会出现大头针的图案,按一下就可以将该对话置顶,以后这些对话就可以放在最前面,且一旁还会有图钉的图案,方便大家快速选取。 据悉,这项小更新在Android beta 2.17.163 版本中已加入,但仍未在正式版本中套用。而 Web 及 桌面版本亦都有加上,至于 …

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