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High-speed trains covered in smog go viral in China

Thursday, 5 January 2017

BEIJING: Photographs of high-speed trains in Beijing covered in a thick layer of grime after passing through the severe smog that is shrouding the north of the country have gone viral in China.

A series of pictures on Wednesday showing the outside of two high-speed trains covered in dirt, which immediately took the internet by storm.

A  photographer travelling on a train from Shanghai to Beijing on Monday afternoon had taken the pictures.


Many social media users later uploaded similar pictures to show how high-speed trains travelling in northern China were being left covered in grime.

The latest round of smog not only had a high density of fine particulates, but also a high level of humidity, he said.

As pollutants absorb more water, they swell up and tend to stick to the surface of a train which moves at a high speed.

The outside of trains were thoroughly cleaned whenever they were stored at the end of each day, he said.

A second station employee told the newspaper that the smog had made cleaning much more difficult and time-consuming.

Another railway employee was quoted as saying in the report that the smog pollution covering trains tended to be more severe in the mornings and near sunset, with long-haul trains usually dirtier than those travelling shorter distances.

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