He said that of the six participating countries made it to the semifinals One Silat Championships held at the Titiwangsa Stadium, here we can see a large number of potential participants for the competition featured in the world’s leading combat sport.


According to him, on the way to forming an athlete to participate in a big tournament like it has not been easy, but he believes the One Silat capability to compete if given adequate guidance and assistance, that dream can be realized.

“At this early stage, we give a year for their potential is formed because I see there are some fighters here (semifinals One Silat) can be noticed.

“It is our dream to someday be the first Malay to compete on behalf of children martial arts contest in the UFC,” he said.

Megat said the challenge of competing in the championship stage combat sports like UFC is the world’s leading not easy because the participants will be exposed to a variety of martial arts from around the world.