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FotoOto helps blind people to save and share photographs

Monday, 8 May 2017


Blind and partially sighted people want to capture and share special moments too, but regular photographs aren’t of much use to them. Now, free app FotoOto (only for iOS) aims to provide them with a way to access and share photos just like anyone else.

The app recognises the content of pictures and turns it into text, which the user can listen to on their smartphone. The text can also be translated into Braille and printed on a Braille-compatible printer, so that visually impaired users can read the picture’s contents with their fingers.

The app also adds acoustic sounds to pictures – for example, a blue sky with clouds generates a short piano melody. Users can also provide their own commentary for a photographs, or add extra ambient sounds.

Photos shot using the app can be saved or shared directly on social networks, and locally stored photographs can also be imported into the app for processing. The app is easy to use, the shutter release is large and located in the centre of the display.

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