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Former actor Ngan Kwok Leung reveals real reason he left TVB 13 years ago

Some would remember Hong Kong actor Ngan Kwok Leung for his roles in several successful TVB dramas in the 1990s such as A Kindred Spirit and Folk Sergeant. While still gaining popularity from his roles, fans were surprised to learn that he had left TVB in 2008.

During a recent interview on online talk show Good Good Buddy, the 68-year-old actor finally revealed his reason for leaving the Hong Kong broadcasting company after working there for 28 years.

It all began when a producer approached him after hearing the news that Ngan would be leaving TVB when his contract expired.

Although his contract was expiring in two months time, Ngan was left confused as he had not made any such decision at the time.

However, the actor was angered after getting a call from someone in the management team telling him: “You still have unfinished business. Leave on good terms and don’t just leave as soon as your contract is over.”

To make matters worse, TVB had become hesitant to shoot his scenes.

“I only had one scene left to shoot and at the time, there was more than a month left in my contract. I waited two weeks but did not receive any call. Only when I told them, ‘Here is the situation, I am waiting around every day. Why don’t you shoot my scene?’ Then I received the notice two days later,” he said.

He added: “I didn’t even offend anyone and I was so low key at work. How did things turn out this way?”

The star was left speechless when someone called him a day after he left the television broadcast company to offer him another job. He declined the offer on the spot.

“There are greener pastures elsewhere, I’ll go out on my own,” Ngan decided.

Ngan became a tai chi instructor and relocated to China, where he now lives with his wife. He said that life has been good since leaving.

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