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Fashion icon Wak Doyok suits up for role in Abang Long Fadil 2

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 : Social media influencer and notably stylish personality Wak Doyok can finally add “film actor” to his resume. Wak, whose real name is Mohd Azwan Md Nor, was picked by director Syafiq Yusof to play a version of himself in Abang Long Fadil 2, an action-comedy starring Zizan Razak as the titular character.

“Initially, I refused to take on the role. I’m a fashion guy. What do I know about acting?” Wak explained in an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Wak, 36, asked for time to prepare himself before finally agreeing to take on the role. He was self-conscious and considered how the public would criticise him if he allowed inexperience to show on screen. As part of his preparation, Wak looked up acting videos on YouTube. Once he got on set, Wak said he received a lot of guidance from Syafiq.

“It’s great working with Syafiq. He’s well-planned and driven. At the same time, he’s open to new ideas as long as it doesn’t affect the storyline drastically. I asked if I can say most of my lines in the Jawa language and he agreed to let me do so.”

Naturally, Wak got to decide on what his character wears in the movie. He prepared 12 tailor-made suits that cost him up to RM15,000. He even researched on suitable stretchable fabric as he needed to perform his own stunts.

“I did some fight scenes with Zizan. Three of my suits were completely ruined after five days of shooting.”

Wak even lent a helping hand in the wardrobe department: “I helped dress up some of the characters in suits as well. I went around KL to search for various patterns, found someone to make the suits and brought them over to the set.”

In Abang Long Fadil 2, Wak plays the son of mafia head Taji Samprit (veteran star A. Galak). His character, who is also called Wak Doyok, makes a pact with Fadil (who pretends to be his father’s favourite assassin Tiger) to kill Taji so he can take over the family business.

One thing Wak was not prepared for was squaring off against his on-screen father.

“A. Galak threw punches and kicks for real! Look at my knuckles. I injured them during the fight scenes with him.

“He is 78 years old but fights like a 30-something. Of course, I didn’t dare to hit him back for real,” Wak said.


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