Mohd. Faiz, although a little disappointed not to be able to wear Baju Melayu, but he still takes rags to Zurich and try to get the last consideration when organizing there to enable those wearing traditional clothing.

Add Mohd. Faiz, the FIFA has been informed through an official invitation to him to don the black suit at the ceremony.

“I also had booked suit sponsored by Kinslager and will most likely be wearing those suits as requested by the organizers regarding the application code.

Earlier, Mohd. Faiz dream to attend in Zurich by wearing Baju Melayu FIFA addition to reliably get the truth will speak the national language should win the Puskas award.

Currently, Mohd. Faiz told the preparations for the ceremony runs smoothly and will inform went to Zurich on January 8, 2017.

“Preparation has been made and it makes me more relaxed thus can focus on inventory along Penang to face the new season,” said Mohd. Faiz.

On January 9 this, Mohd. Faiz will compete with two other candidates, namely Marlon of Brazil and the sole representative of women, Daniuska Rodriguez of Venezuela.