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Eight youngsters win apprenticeship with telco

Thursday, 11 August 2016


DIGI Telecommunications Sdn Bhd has taken in eight young Malaysians as its first group of Digi CXO Apprentices, with their first workday beginning on Aug 1 and each one under the mentroship of a Digi chief (CXOs).

They will shadow their mentors in their daily schedules and have direct exposure to the inner-workings of Digi’s business and hands-on involvement in projects spearheaded by these CXOs over the next year.

“The big idea is to put our young talent on the path of accelerated early learning in their careers through intentional mentorship from C-level management,” Digi chief human resource officer Haroon Bhatti.

“This is in order for them to become effective contributors and frontrunners in the organisation, driving a fresh new way of work and innovation when they graduate into their respective full-time roles thereafter,” he explained.

The eight new recruits were picked from 880 Malaysian applicants from Malaysia, Britain, Australia and Canada in the first such programme by Digi.

They were part of the 48 talents chosen to participate in the Freedom Challenge, where individuals went through a rigorous full-day business challenge.

Of that, 24 individuals were selected for the final phase of interviews with Digi CXOs.

“At the speed our industry is changing, we felt we needed a fast, agile, disruptive way to bring young talent through the developmental levels quickly. So we hacked the run-of-the-mill management trainee programme from start to finish, from the way potential recruits were selected, to the way we assessed individuals during the Freedom Challenge, the CXO interviews and the apprenticeship format versus the typical rotation between departments for the first year of work,” Haroon said.

The eight fresh graduates who won the apprenticeship spots are Wendy Liang, who will be apprentice to chief executive officer Albern Murty; Joel Thum apprentice to chief finance officer Karl Erik Broten; Nicole Wong apprentice to chief marketing officer Loh Keh Jiat; Andrea Ong apprentice to chief digital officer Praveen Rajan; Devraj Sathivelu apprentice to chief corporate affairs officer Eugene Teh; Justin Yong apprentice to chief IT officer Orsolya Sekerka; Low Hui Qi apprentice to chief network officer Kesavan Sivabalan; and Wan Nur Alia apprentice to Haroon.

Source by: The Star Online

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