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China activates emergency response mechanism for Typhoon Mawar

Monday, 4 September 2017 :   Chinese authorities activated a national disaster alert and response mechanism for Typhoon Mawar Saturday to help local civil affairs departments prepare for relief work, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

Civil affairs departments in southern provinces including Fujian and Guangdong should remain on duty around the clock, according to a notice issued by China National Commission for Disaster Reduction, in coordination with the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The notice asked local authorities to publicise forecasts regarding Mawar and its predicted routes to enable residents to move to safe places and ships to return to harbor.

Local departments should inform residents to stockpile enough daily necessities for one to three days, it said, adding relief materials and funds should also be prepared to guarantee the basic requirements of disaster-hit residents.

Mawar is the 16th typhoon to hit China this year. It is forecast to make landfall in Guangdong Province on Sunday.


Source : Internet

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