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The Internet has made everybody an expert – problem is, we really aren’t

Other students at university would often look with envy at those of us who were doing mathematics. Whereas they had large reading lists of books to get through each week, us mathmos would get only a single worksheet per topic. And to top it all off, we would spend a lot of time playing pool.

True, we would occasionally stop to scribble something down on a torn bit of paper. But then it wouldn’t be long before we returned to the table and continued to play. “Maths sure looks easy,” they would say.

But of course you know it isn’t. If I tried to sit down to give an example of what was on that worksheet, most of you would glaze over and move on to the next article.

What grabs attention is something like Covid-19. Somebody shared in a WhatsApp gr

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HK actor Edward Chui shoots Malaysian film in Perak

Malaysian film A Kind Of Love features Hong Kong star Edward Chui and Hong Kong-based Malaysian actress Lisa Ch’ng.

The 38-year-old actor has been featured in Hong Kong films Line Walker and Firestorm.

Directed by CL Hor, A Kind Of Love completed filming in Sungkai, Perak recently.

Edward Chui (centre) has been featured in Hong Kong films 'Line Walker' and 'Firestorm'. Edward Chui (centre) has been featured in Hong Kong films 'Line Walker' and 'Firestorm'. 

This title is the first film to be produced under the multi-movie joint venture betwe

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Malaysian actress Sora Ma gets married in small ceremony

Singapore-based Malaysian actress Sora Ma has officially tied the knot.

Ma, 37, announced on social media on Friday (Oct 15) that she has registered her marriage to her husband.

She also posted several photos, including of herself and her wedding ring. The photos do not show her husband's face.

Ma surprised her fans in June when she disclosed her nuptial plans by posting on social media a photo of a ring with a large bouquet of roses and a video of the proposal.

She told Singaporean media that her husband is a Singaporean businessman in his 40s and seven or eight years older than her.

She said she had met him on April 29, 2012 and they began dating in March 2013.

She told Shin Min Daily News that she registered her marriage

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Gawky teen star wins new fans for Japan’s ‘game of generals’

Shogi, the Japanese chess variant known as the "game of generals", is enjoying a wave of popularity in its homeland thanks to a gawky teenage prodigy with a rock-star following.

Sota Fujii's incredible success and quirky charm have made him a household name in Japan, dusting off the traditional board game's musty image and taking it to a new audience.

The 19-year-old became the youngest player ever to reach shogi's highest rank of ninth dan this summer and last month became the youngest to hold three of the sport's eight major titles.

Fujii launched his bid to capture a fourth in the best-of-seven "Ryuo" championship series earlier this month, and his fellow professionals credit him with breathing new life into the chess-like game.

"It used

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What to do when your new puppy has trouble sleeping alone

Dear Joan: My adult daughter is struggling with sleep deprivation because her new four-month-old puppy won’t let her sleep through the night. Any tips?

She and her husband got a puppy a few days ago from a rescue group where the pup was used to sleeping in a crate with the rest of the litter. The pup wouldn’t sleep in its crate at its new home and barked and whined at night. So my daughter brought the puppy to her bed where he snuggled and bumped against her head all night.

It’s her first puppy.

Denis, Danville, California

Dear Denis: Ah, the new puppy snoozing blues. It afflicts almost every dog parent, whether the dog is a puppy or an adult. The good news is, all dogs learn to sleep by themsel

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Hometown salute: new art tribute to Dylan on display outside Minnesota school

A public art tribute to Bob Dylan was unveiled Saturday in Hibbing in the United States with the hopes of inspiring a new generation of young artists.

The display of the Iron Range town’s most famous resident is located outside Hibbing High School, where the 80-year-old Dylan was a 1959 graduate.

On one side of the display, a brick wall features the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature that Dylan was awarded in 2016. The opposite side of the wall features a series of stainless steel panels that contain lyrics from more than 50 of his songs.

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Bosnian makes rotating house so his wife can have a different view every day

It's not exactly on par with India’s Taj Mahal, but a family house in a small town in northern Bosnia is in its own way a monument to love.

The house in Srbac was designed and built by 72-year-old Vojin Kusic. With a green facade and red metal roof, it can rotate a full circle to satisfy his wife Ljubica’s shifting desires as to what she would like to see when she looks out of its windows.

“After I reached an advanced age and after my children took over the family business, I finally had enough time to task myself with granting my wife her wish to be able to change the position of rooms in her house whenever she wants," Kusic said.

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Singers Namewee and Kimberley Chen blocked on Weibo after releasing satirical duet

China's social media platform Weibo has blocked the accounts of controversial Malaysian rapper Namewee and Australian singer Kimberley Chen after they released a satirical duet, according to a report on the Taiwan News website on Saturday (Oct 16)

The two Taiwan-based singers, who released the Mandarin ballad Fragile last Friday (Oct 15), appeared in a pink-themed music video which quickly went viral.

The song, written by Namewee, 38, contained stabs at Chinese leader Xi Jinping and touched on sensitive topics such as censorship, Covid-19 and the Uighurs.

The music video, which attracted more than one million views on YouTube within a day, opens with the warning: "Please be cautious if you are fragile pink".

Directed by Namewee, who

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Singer Cher sues ex-husband Sonny Bono’s widow over song, record revenue

Cher has sued the widow of her former musical partner and ex-husband Sonny Bono over royalties for Sonny and Cher songs including I Got You Babe and The Beat Goes On.

In a federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Oct 13), Cher alleges that former Rep. Mary Bono and other defendants have attempted to terminate provisions of business agreements Cher and Sonny Bono reached when they divorced in 1975 that entitled each to 50% of songwriting and recording royalties.

The lawsuit says that Sonny Bono's heirs filed notice in 2016 that they were terminating some of his song licensing agreements, but they "did not terminate, and could not have terminated” his agreements with Cher.

The breach-of-contract lawsuit alleges that the d

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WATCH: ‘The Batman’ trailer sees Catwoman and the Penguin take centrestage

The first full trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson – which debuted on Saturday during the DC Fandome virtual fan event -- reveals a film that is unmistakably the darkest and most violent cinematic outing yet for the Caped Crusader, even when compared to Christopher Nolan's gritty Dark Knight trilogy.

In a Gotham City saturated in rain and gloom, Pattinson's Batman, just a year into his reign as a costumed vigilante, attacks his enemies with a visceral, unhinged brutality that past live-action Batman movies never quite reached. (As for Pattinson's voice as Batman, it's surprisingly low-key in the full trailer when compared to Christian Bale and Ben Affleck's growls in the role.)

The trailer opens with the arrest of the Riddle

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