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“I Had To Run Away” – Sajat Shares With BBC The Reality She Faced As A Transperson In MY

Speaking to BBC for a report published last Friday, 19 November, the 36-year-old said as a transwoman and a Muslim, she has the right to express her religion in her own way.

She attributed the restriction to freely express herself, as well as JAIS' unnecessarily harsh treatment towards her, as reasons why she left Malaysia and may never return.

"I had to run away. I was treated harshly (in custody). I was hit, pushed, handcuffed, all in front of my parents and family. I felt ashamed and sad. I gave them my cooperation, but they still did that to me," she said in a video interview.

"The offence was something that we could have discussed instead of using violence. Maybe it was because they see me as a transwoman, so they did not care if I was held, beate

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15 Local Christmas Presents & Gift Sets To Get If You Have No Idea What To Buy This Year

Non-governmental organisation sew X dignity is offering a variety of Christmas gifts you can purchase for loved ones this year made by underprivileged students and refugee mothers. They are:

Dignity's 'Box of Joy', which includes a two-cookie jar box from RM70 or a four-cookie jar box for RM145. For every jar purchased, RM5 will be channelled towards Dignity's Education Fund to empower a child in need.

The four flavours of cookies available are classic shortbread, chocolate almond bites, matcha with white chocolate, and cranberry butter cookies.

In-house batik cushion covers, dining sets, drawstring pouches, fabric mask keepers, teak phone holders and kids' drawing notebooks. All sales and proceeds will go towards giving more children the opportunity to receive better quality education at Dignity.


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PDRM Is Investigating The Use Of Horses & Helicopter During A Funeral Procession In Ipoh

According to Perak police chief Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, investigations were carried out to determine if there was any breach of regulations, including whether a permit had been obtained by the organiser.

"Processions or parades are not allowed according to the standard operating procedures set by the National Security Council (MKN), especially funeral processions," he was quoted as saying.