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Anna Faris Says You Shouldn’t Date Men In These 5 Professions


When Anna Faris has dating advice, you listen. After all, the woman found a gem of a man in husband Chris Pratt.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Conan,” the 40-year-old actress gave a preview of the love advice you’ll find in her upcoming memoir Unqualified. Faris had some very specific thoughts on dating men in certain professions: Avoid athletes, chefs, comedians and magicians at all costs.

“I enjoy a good magician every now and then but in [your] daily life do you want someone who’s like, ‘I’m not telling you my secrets!’” she explained. “It’s like, ‘Can you knock it off and at least tell me your secrets?’”

There’s one problem with Faris’ no-date list, though: Actors are also on it. And her hubby is not only an actor but a budding magician. 

We don’t blame her for making an exception. Watch the video above to hear all of Faris’ advice.


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