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Anna Faris fined $5,000 for mistreatment of dog


The 39-year-old actress was hit with the penalty after her Chihuahua named Pete – that she adopted from Kinder4Rescue four years ago – was found emaciated and wandering the streets in North Hollywood, California last month.

Anna has paid the fine, after she was publicly shamed by the animal shelter.

Writing on the Kinder4Rescue official Facebook page, Laurel Kinder – who runs the rescue centre – wrote in a since-deleted post:

“Calling Anna Faris house bunny The puppy you adopted from us years ago was found starving on the street. Someone brought it into a vet, scanned the microchip, we’ve been calling you for days no return call did you read your contract about giving our dogs away and the $5,000 fine.



“If you were panicking looking for your lost dog you certainly would’ve contacted us or the microchip company.

“I’m not sure what you’re guilty of this dog ended up in this condition, you signed a four page contract how does this dog end up on the street Anna, being a celebrity does not excuse you from following the rules or respecting the rescue you adopted the dog from, or abiding the contract.



“This is why people are not allowed to give Kinder4Rescue dogs away they have adopted from us because they become disposable get passed around and end up on the street like this (sic).”

Anna’s representative previously said: “Anna is thrilled that the dog has been found, and is ensuring all necessary arrangements are made to bring the dog home.”

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