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Angelababy Want to Give Birth in Hong Kong


Angela Yeung Wing, also known by her stage name Angelababy, has made a career in Hong Kong as an actress and a model. Born in Shanghai to her half-Chinese, half-German father and Chinese mother, she moved to Hong Kong at thirteen years old and took her stage name Angelababy as a composition of her legal given name Angela and her family given nickname “Baby”.


After confirming her pregnancy in September, Angelababy has taken a hiatus from her work to prepare for the baby’s arrival in February next year.

Therefore, when Huang Xiaoming’s seven-month pregnant wife was seen flying to Taiwan with him for an event, suspicions were aroused.


When asked about why Angelababy was accompanying him, Xiaoming explained that she wanted to go to Taiwan to taste the local dishes.

However, another reason for her to be there surfaced when Xiaoming’s assistants were seen bringing documents to a local Taiwan hospital. Tabloids immediately suspected that Angelababy was planning to give birth there, but subsequent reports are now claiming that she wants to have her baby in Hong Kong instead.

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