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11 Reasons Reese Witherspoon Is the Perfect Celeb to Write a Memoir on “Southern Living”

Reese Witherspoon, Totes

1. Witherspoon’s namesake is straight out of her Tennessee roots:

First off, let’s get right down to the basics. Little known fact, but Reese was actually born with the classically Southern moniker, Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon.  She later adopted her middle (and mother’s maiden) name for her onstage persona, but we’ve always wondered why she made the switch.  Here’s hoping she tackles this tidbit in chapter one! 

2. Have you seen her lifestyle empire?!:

Inspired by her Southern belle aesthetic, in 2015 Witherspoon launched her very own fashion and home goods brand called Draper James. From cheeky totes to summer-centric florals, Witherspoon’s first endeavor into the lifestyle sector of stardom has been met with much fanfare and offers buyers a direct, authentic pipeline into channeling their inner Reese.


3. She’s already proven her Southern spice in cinema:

Let’s not fool ourselves thinking Witherspoon can’t tap into the heart of the American South. She captivated audiences as an Alabama-born girl destined for the big leagues in 2002’s Sweet Home Alabama, a role she considered “very personal.” Three years later she lit up the silver screen in Walk the Line, the Johnny Cashbiographical drama that earned Reese her very first Best Actress Oscar.

4. Even in Hollywood, her connection to home is never far off

The mother of three paid homage to her hometown by opening her first Draper James brick and mortar location in Nashville, followed by a second store in Dallas. Collaborating with Southern designers and manufacturers, Reese told Southern Living, “I want to give back to this community because I got so much from it as a young girl.”


Reese Witherspoon’s Street Style

Reese Witherspoon, Tennessee Toth


5. Reese’s love for the South is more than just skin deep

Also, don’t forget Reese even named her youngest child after her favorite state, Tennessee Toth! Witherspoon welcomed her little guy with hubby James Toth in 2012 and she also co-parents 17-year-old Ava and 12-year-old Deacon with ex Ryan Phillippe


6. You guessed it, even her first acting accolade was Southern: 

At only 11-years-old, it was crystal clear Witherspoon had undeniable star quality. With natural acting chops, Reese took home a first place trophy at a local fair’s talent competition, a truly southern start to her professional success!

7. Her passion for girl power sparked at a young age

Speaking to InStyle in 2015, Witherspoon revealed the inspiration behind heading her female-driven production company. “I went to Harpeth Hall, a wonderful all-girls school in Nashville that encouraged us to see ourselves as working women in the world, to speak up for ourselves to ask for equal pay and advocate for gender equality,” she said. “Outside that school, I experienced the full force of a patriarchal society, but I had a core value system that said, ‘No, you really deserve to be treated equal to men.'”

Reese Witherspoon

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

8. Reese is the unofficial expert on the South:

Not totally convinced Witherspoon can’t master an authoritative voice on all things Southern? Look no further than her recent sit-down with the New York Times, where she broke down every must-see destination, must-devour cuisine and every little known spot locals tend to flock to. Yeehaw, indeed. 


9. Witherspoon is a part of American history


It doesn’t get more Team USA than this. Reese reportedly claimsshe’s a direct descendant of Founding Father John Witherspoon, who signed the United States Declaration of Independence. It’s never actually been verified though, so chalk this one up to yet another must-mention in Witherspoon’s memoir. 


10. She knows how to poke fun at Southern stereotypes

 As effortlessly adorable and poised Witherspoon is, she also rocks a wicked sense of humor. In her “A Southern Guide to…” video series, Reese puts a hilarious twist on the essence of southern living below the Mason/Dixon line. From how to host a dinner party (just order a honey baked ham) to every Southern gal’s handbag necessities (pie and a crockpot), Reese just gets it.

11. Witherspoon’s Southern pride is almost palpable:

Last, but certainly not least, it basically boils down to her outspoken adoration for her Southern roots. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Witherspoon said, “It bred in me such a sense of family and tradition. It helped me establish a normalcy in life that I hope will stay with me for the long haul.” Aww! 

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