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Men’s Autumn Winter 2015-2016




Shortened to mid-thigh models are very relevant this year. The main “trick” of the season can be called a coat and dress color contrast. Wide collars, large patch pockets and other volumetric decorative elements are incredibly popular. All the shades of gray, terra cotta, brown and wood green are going to be in favor.

Mens vest tops 2016

Men's clothing autumn winter 2015-2016 vests

Men’s vests are elegant pieces of men’s clothing, which add more charm to appearance than other accessories. They can add formality to suit, style to clothes, comfort to casual and warmth то suit in cool weather. Any style that has not changed becomes boring, but keep a couple for the case where you want to stand out a little bit and diverse your dress code.

Men's clothing autumn winter 2015-2016 vest

Men’s coats 2015-2016

Coats are relevant this autumn and winter as well as previous. Preference is clearly given to comfortable double-breasted knee height models. However, maxi models will approach for confident men, which, although less comfortable, but looks very impressive. Here dominate black, white and all shades of gray.  There will also be relevant comfortable men’s duffle coats in warm autumn tones.

Men’s jackets 2016

Men's clothing autumn winter 2015-2016 Gucci


Nowadays it is impossible to imagine men’s wardrobe without comfortable every day men’s jacket. At this autumn and winter, particularly popular will be men’s leather jacket models in “The Aviator” style and made from natural fur. For men who has chosen the sporting image, neutral shades are more relevant, and men quilted jackets of all shades of gray, blue, brown and gold, as well as clear yellow and lemon colors.

The proposal from fashion designers for the bravest and original men

It is possible to notice more original types of men’s clothing that designers are presented on the podium. For example, Calvin Klein suggested in cold weather put on ponchos and capes. Many fashion designers in their collections have not ignored a fur coat. Thus, gamma of fur products included not only natural colors, but also different shades of green, and red.

Men's clothing autumn winter 2015-2016 Y-3-1



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