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Accessories Men For Formal

Accessories Men For Formal

Many are not aware of the importance of owning or wearing some accessories to dress either due to not once pose. There are several types of accessories that men should and should not do if you want to pose.

Suspenders (strap on pants slack)

Chic worn with pleated pants (pleated)
Avoid pants that have belt loops for laces.
Pants must be worn with suspenders loose in the waist.
Do not wear a belt along suspenders.

The color of your tie should match and complement your outfit.
Avoid bold colors if dressed for business.
Make sure the edge of the tie on the waist band of your pants.
Both ends should be the same and a little shorter than the width.

Choose a belt with a buckle medium or small.
The belt should be between 2 cm to 3.2 cm wide.
Pants, belt and shoes should be appropriate and complement each other.

Socks must be compatible and complementary pants and shoes.
Patterned stockings are for casual wear.
The best thing is without patterns, embossed patterns or patterned soft.

Color shoes should fit with other colors of clothing. Brown or tan shoes are safe to use with most colors except brown dress. Try shoes tan color with smoke gray trousers.
Avoid pieces and materials fans.
Leather shoes are the best choice for a formal look.

Getting a Good Impact

Maybe you’re not out of the metrosexual male category (see below maknyanya) are concerned with the appearance of perfect and great every time, but want to learn basic tips to get yourself a good appearance

Here are some tips for people who want Adam looks good no matter in the office, casual event or formal occasion:

1. Wearing the right clothes according to your body size, whether booked by a tailor, or purchased at the store and tailored to your body

2. Wear socks that match the color of your suit or pants

3. Do not wear a tie that is too thin

4. Do not let your wallet bulging because of too much content

5. Do not wear clothing that has been worn or wrinkled

6. Do not wear vertical striped shirt if you’re not a tall and thin.

7. Wear long sleeves and tie if you attend an interview or formal meetings

8. Match the color of your belt and shoes

9. The tie must reach the top of your belt

10. Do not wear a belt and suspenders (belt hanger of trousers to shoulder) at the same time

11. Put on perfume before dressing to avoid the impact on your shirt

12. Keep your posture to look high and full of confidence



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