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Zero gravity European weightless aircraft will be fully open to Chinese users

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Chinese Academy of Sciences Center for Space Applications Engineering and Technology Center and the French space on 17 new space company signed a cooperation agreement, the establishment of weight loss experimental center specifically for Chinese users to provide weightless aircraft mission organization and technical support, which means that the European parabolic flight will be fully open to Chinese users.

It is understood that the parabolic flight using high-performance weightless aircraft to do continuous parabolic flight, can be repeated in the aircraft weightlessness environment.Loadweight aircraft is in addition to space stations, space laboratories and manned spacecraft, the only available weightless environment, manned flight platform.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Space Application Engineering and Technology Center, director of high-Ming, weightless aircraft can provide a weightless environment, and has a short preparation period, the experimental space, in particular, to support conventional ground science experimental equipment to carry out weightlessness experiments.

Space, equipment and technology validation, space science and applied research, space equipment, and technology validation have been used in the recent past by the United States, Russia, Japan, and Europe for parabolic flights, the president of the French new space company Thierry Gharib. Special effects shooting, weightlessness experience science and education activities and other fields.

It is reported that the weight loss of a single aircraft weight loss time of 22 seconds, each flight sorted according to weather conditions, can provide 10 to more than 30 times weightlessness.Aircraft according to demand to fly to China’s domestic airport.

Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is responsible for the manned space space science and application of task planning, implementation and achievement of output is the manned space engineering space application system overall unit.New space is the French space center subordinate The company, commissioned by the French Space Agency, the European Space Agency, the German Aerospace Center and other space agencies, has been providing parabolic service to European customers since 1988.

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