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Yuna finally uploaded her boyfriend picture

Saturday, 31 December 2016

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian singer Yuna has finally uploaded photos of herself with her boyfriend Adam Sinclair, the younger brother of Malaysian actor Ashraf Sinclair and radio deejay Aishah Sinclair.

Rumours that they were a couple have swirled since September 2015, and though none of them have ever admitted to being in a relationship

It is quite obvious as the two are always seen together and Adam has been posting quite a lot of photos of Yuna on his own Instagram.

Last weekend, Yuna finally uploaded a photo of her with Adam wearing matching traditional Malay attires, with the caption “This guy”.

This is the first time that the singer has ever posted a photo of her and Adam together on her Instagram.

The couple attended the wedding ceremony of their dear friend AG Coco, the guitarist of Malaysian band Hujan, who had previously worked with Yuna on several of her songs including Terukir di Bintang and Lelaki.

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