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YouTube reveal the launch of new app YouTube Go

Thursday, 29 September 2016



The video service, Youtube, announced that the new YouTube Go would allow viewers, particularly those in India, to watch videos with slower connections.

After visiting India and seeing the problems users had with a 2G connection, the video-sharing service realized that the next generation needed a whole new YouTube mobile app to make the most of the service.

The result is an app that is designed to work offline first and even when there’s low or no connectivity. YouTube Go also uses less data, making it more affordable and yet still faster.

The app also comes with a range of innovative new features, including options to preview videos before deciding to watch or save for later, to choose the amount of data to spend on a video, to save videos for offline viewing, and to share with friends and family without using data.

YouTube Go will be launched first in India before rolling out to a wider audience over the next few months.

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