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Women’s fashion Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Women’s fashion clothing from Tru Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Collection


Tru Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Women’s fashion clothing from Tru Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 collection focused precisely on practicality. Dress Trends offer to be acquainted with it.

Soft, loose silhouettes and luxurious Italian fabrics and materials form the basis of Tru Trussardi modern and carelessly elegant collection. Women segment for season spring summer 2016 confidently plays with black and white, coral, pearl, champagne, as well as pastel blue, saturated green, explosive fuchsia and delicate cornflower blue. Women’s fashion clothing collection contains animal prints in bright colors, shades of bright foliage and flower umber. Ribbons are actively used; they accentuate the waist, used as decoration and define the general tone of summer outfits. The contrasting styles and fabrics are combined with each other, creating a beautiful and harmonious image. Raffia is used for denim jackets.

New oval shaped coat is made from fabric with metallic patches, peas printed jacquard and embossed leather. The length varies, asymmetry emphasized, and nothing in the new season is taken for granted. Men’s style costumes entered the collection in eight different styles. Ladies pants have ankle length. Melange women dresses got a little secret detail such as pleated gold backing. Pleated skirts with colored ribbons refer us to the sporting style of the eighties.


Tru Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Collection


Tru Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Collection


Flowing dresses made of viscose with contoured neckline emphasizes waist by contrasting inkle. Ladies pants with flaps extended to the bottom. Denim resembles canvas. Doubles are composed of ultra-feminine asymmetric T-shirts and tops. Women blouses are made of delicate silk and denim, in Patchwork technique. Lace embroidery decorates pants and denim jackets, while cotton sweatshirts trimmed with luxurious anodized beads.

T-shirts made from soft cotton with a delicate floral print with iridescent sheen. Men and women leather accessories complete Tru Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 collection, which attract everyone’s eyes because of Trussardi typical elegance. The line includes oversized clutches with fringe, leather and canvas bags and backpacks for the weekend with contrasting seams, executed like by hand.


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