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What Is Scandinavian Style Now?

Thursday, 9  feb 2017 : Copenhagen Fashion Week not only shone the spotlight on the Danish capital’s designer collections, but on its all-encompassing cultural scene. As the Danes’ aesthetic – along with their Swedish and Norwegian neighbours – increasingly influences the rest of the world on the style front, we asked Christina Exsteen – creative director at Denmark’s prominent fashion house By Malene Birger – to help us dissect the differences between, and the enduring appeal of, Scandi style.


How would you define Scandinavian style now?

I think it’s very laid-back but at the same time sophisticated. It’s uncomplicated and easy to wear. Scandinavians are very good at lending their own twist to their look, like with layers.

What are the foundation pieces of a Scandinavian wardrobe?

A great coat, a great pair of jeans, a great selection of knitwear, and lots of basics to wear them with. It’s a great foundation to have, to then layer seasonal pieces on top.

What is your design ethos as a Danish designer?

I like to give women the opportunity to be comfortable and stylish. I work with everyday pieces that make women feel beautiful, but also work with a 16-hour day. With kids, a career, and social gatherings all a part of women’s lives here, clothes have to help us out, while always being elegant and within a reasonable price point. For me, it’s all about mixing things up too – trying to introduce a playful element to luxury and not always being too serious. You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

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