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Attention for marine lovers and people!!! Come and Grab Us!! Try it and you will release and feel it!!. Come and discover Underwater World Langkawi. Informative and Facinating!! Im sure you are satisfied!!

Set on 6.2 acres of land on the superbly landscaped beachfront of Pantai Cenang, UWL is one of the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in Asia. It features over 4,000 varieties of fish and other exhibits from 500 species displayed in over 100 tanks.Highlights include the gigantic hexagonal tank and walk-through tunnel tanks containing 600,000 litres of sea water. Here you can observe sharks, stingrays, and other sea creatures swim by, separated from you only by the laminated clear glass walls of the tunnel.

The Freshwater Section

This section displays a comprehensive array of other freshwater fish and aquatic life from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa and Australia such as the Bala Shark, and various species of Garfish, Catfish, Matamata and Stingray. You will be able to view a collection of exotic Turtles, Snapping Alligators, the Red–eared Slider and Albino Turtles. Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish can be seen in the preview tank.

The Marine Life Section

Venture into the deep sea along a 15-meter long tunnel, where you will experience being surrounded by Sharks, Giant Rays and Giant Grouper.

The Temperate Section

Penguin Section

Walk through the 8–meter underwater penguin Tunnel will enable you to observe the Blackfooted (African) penguins swimming around in an environment very similar to their natural environment. This area is fully equipped with a life support system that adheres to international standards set by the US Agriculture department.

Southern Fur Seals Section

Southern Fur Seals are seen here at play and at feeding times.While resting at the surface they spend a considerable time grooming and may assume many poses, including waving both hind flippers.

The Sub – Antarctic Section

These penguins are called “Rockhoppers” because they jump from rock to rock. They feed on crustaceans, squids and small fish. These penguins are characterised by their yellow feathers or “eyebrows” on their heads, forming a drooping crest.

The Tropical Rainforest Section

This section takes you through a journey to the heart of the Amazon River. Visitors will be able to see rainforest inhabitants such as Marmoset.In addition, you can observe Mute Swans, Flamingos and the playful Mandarin ducks. Ground and flight birds flutter freely for observation in an environment close to their natural habitat.

The Coral Section

This underwater garden with an explosion of delightful colours is part of the living treasures of the ocean’s delicate ecosystem. Giant Clams, Damsels, Wrasses and other types of coral provide visitors with a glimpse of the symbiotic relationship that exists among the inhabitants of the coral reefs.

Koi Pond & Otter Pond

Koi Pond is set in a lush and vibrant tropical setting with splashing sound of cascading waterfall.  The Eastern Gem, the Japanese Carp together with local catfish, the Silver Dollar, Sebarau, Kelah and Cichlids are found here.  Visitors who wish to feed the fish can purchase specially packed fish food at the ticketing counter.

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