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Trendy to wear socks with your sandals

Thursday, 29 June 2017 :   Sandals with socks are no longer a fashion faux pas worthy of a flogging.

In fact, they are positively the way to go if Paris catwalks Thursday are any indication.

The dorky look previously confined to superannuated boy scouts and embarrassing uncles appeared in three major menswear shows, with no less than Louis Vuitton giving them its imprimatur.

Its British designer Kim Jones sent out nearly 20 models in his Hawaii-themed show in sandals and socks.

Pigalle followed suit with Nike sandals while Ami went one step beyond into total taboo territory with white socks and sandals.

But Hawaii was his principal source, he said, specifically its “extreme sports” of surfing, windsurfing, trekking and hiking.

All of which challenges Jones’ models were dressed to bravely confront in socks and sandals.

The sportwear heavy collection seemed to be out to combine wetsuit and business suit.

The collection includes a shiny, rainsoaked windcheater sheen to much of Jones’ creations which included a crocodile skin cardigan, and imaginary Hawaiian patterns turning up on his Aloha-influenced shirts.

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