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YouTube/Vimtag Paul

This small security camera has given me peace of mind I didn’t know I was missing

YouTube/Vimtag Paul
YouTube/Vimtag Paul

Home security camera systems have come a long way in the past few years. Instead of a setup that requires low-def cameras, a lot of wires, and VHS playback to review footage, we have small, hi-def cameras and the cloud.

After spending some time with Vimtag’s P1 security camera I’ve have been pleasantly surprised by the results. I’d never really considered investing in something like this, but now I’m thinking twice. 

One of my favorite parts of the P1 is that its design doesn’t scream “security camera”; it’s small and sleek, and when perched on the top of my dresser, I forget it’s there. That was one of my concerns when trying a security camera out — would I feel creeped out knowing something was always watching me? Thankfully I don’t, and the P1’s friendly look is a big part of it. 

You can connect the P1 to your home network over Wi-Fi or through an included Ethernet cable that’s only necessary during setup. I tried doing the Wi-Fi only option a few times and the camera never connected. When I tried the Ethernet method the P1 connected almost instantly and then proceeded to connect to my Wi-Fi. Despite the hiccup, the entire setup process only took about 10 minutes. That time includes downloading Vimtag’s app, which is required for both setting up the camera and monitoring it remotely.  

Speaking of the app: Once you’re done setting the P1 up, the app is the primary way you’ll be interacting with the camera, unless you decide to move its physical location.

I’m happy to say that, although it’s fairly full-featured, Vimtag’s app is easy to navigate. The first screen you see when opening it is a list of all of your cameras, and what they’re currently “seeing”.  Tapping on a camera will give you a full-screen look at what’s going on in that room or part of the house.

As a studio apartment dweller, I was able to perch the P1 in a corner, giving me a pretty good look at my entire space. That said, I couldn’t see everything, which is why it’s nice that the P1’s camera can actually rotate, and that you can manipulate where it’s looking by swiping right, left, up, or down on your screen. You can also pinch to zoom in on a specific part of the room if something looks a little off.  You can schedule set recording times for each camera if you’re only interested in capturing footage while you’re out of the house, too.

On paper, the P1’s camera is 920p, but resolution honestly doesn’t matter much if the camera is very low quality. Overall I’ve been happy with the video quality the P1 produces. You can fine-tune the video settings if you’d like, but I left it on “auto.” In addition to video monitoring you can also use the P1 to monitor your room’s audio, so if you get a notification triggered by the P1’s motion detector, you can hear if anything sounds weird. The P1 also has a mic, so you can use it as a video intercom, but I was never in a position to try it. Overall, I’d say I’m pretty pleased with the P1’s audio and video quality. It could be better, but you can see a fair amount of detail anywhere you point it. 

If you want to use the P1 to record audio and video instead of just monitoring it in real time, you’ve got two options: investing in Vimtag’s 1TB cloud storage box, or inserting a micro SD card into the side of the camera itself. The benefit of opting to buy their box is being able to store and download 60 days worth of footage. The cloud box doesn’t have to be connected to the camera itself; as long as they’re on the same network, they’ll connect to one another. The micro SD card solution means less storage, and, if your camera is stolen, the footage is gone, too. 

In my experience the P1 has worked very well. Once connected to my network, which did take a couple of extra minutes, I was always able to connect to and control my camera. Vimtag’s app is pretty straightforward and was updated recently, which makes me confident that they’re committed to improving their product. Like I said earlier, I never really considered buying any home security tech before, but now have peace of mind that I didn’t know I was missing. 

Source by: Business Insider

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