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These connected glasses help cyclists keep their eyes on the road

French startup Cosmo Connected is launching a pair of connected glasses for cyclists. The glasses will offer a head-up display system that shows riders all kinds of information, such as speed or GPS navigation data, so they never need to take their eyes off the road.

Cosmo Connected came to light in 2017 with its connected brake light device that attaches to the back of a motorcycle helmet to warn road users behind of any deceleration. Now, the French startup has cyclists in its sights with a brand-new product called Cosmo Vision – a pair of connected glasses offering a head-up display system.

These glasses integrate ActiveLook technology, developed by another French startup, Microoled. The idea is to display information at eye level so that cyclists never have to take their eyes off the road. This could be GPS navigation data (direction to take, distance, remaining distance, etc) or performance data (speed, mileage, stopwatch timer, etc).

Technically, this data is displayed through a small screen connected via Bluetooth to the cyclist’s smartphone. Note that cyclists can move their hand in front of the glasses to scroll through this information. The glasses are very light to wear and have a battery life of about 12 hours.

The glasses have photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to the ambient light, and they are resistant to rain and dust.

Finally, these glasses are adjustable to suit all sizes. The accompanying mobile application lets riders customise the display and therefore choose the kind of data to be displayed before they set off.

Cosmo Vision glasses are already available to pre-order for €489 (around RM2,355) in Europe, with availability slated for December. – AFP Relaxnews

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