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The Turtleneck Style Never Outdated

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2017 : The roll neck, turtleneck, polo neck – whatever you choose to call it – is a versatile addition to your style arsenal.

It’s now making a massive comeback in men’s fashion, emerging as a casual and comfortable alternative to a shirt.

This is because the turtleneck is also perfect for layering under a suit jacket, as fashion expert Gerd Mueller-Thomkins points out.


In fact, the turtleneck originated in the world of sport, and even sailors used to rely on the warm sweater as protection against the wind and sea.

The minimalist turtleneck is also popular with bohemian hedonists and intellectuals.

“Turtlenecks have always been worn by creatives, it’s a non-conformist item of clothing,” says Mueller-Thomkins. It’s simple, honest and authentic, and if you wear one, a scarf or tie is not required.

That’s why “minimalism” is the turtleneck’s key characteristic, argues Mueller-Thomkins. “When you wear a scarf or a tie, your look as a whole becomes much more affluent.”

While the turtleneck has not been a trend piece in recent years, the current designer collections are full of high necklines.

“The turtlneck is back with a vengeance”, as Andre Bangert from trade weekly Textilwirtschaft observes.


The designs are varied: the neckline can be rolled or standing, close-fitting or loose-fitting, with cords, zips or buttons.

What you wear it with is also up to you: it goes with a suit, a blazer, a shirt or layered with a V-neck.

 Some turtlenecks are more casual and are more suited to leisure activities.

 And it fits the slim silhouette that is dominating men’s fashion right now.

For a really “informed” look, as Bangert describes it, the fashion expert recommends the following combination: “Casual trousers with tapered legs and a high waist, teamed with an extra slim-fitting turtleneck – this will create a super modern silhouette.”

A completely slim-fit look is no longer on trend, explains Lang. So don’t wear your turtleneck with a pair of skinny jeans.

The golden rule, however, is that you have to actually like the turtleneck. It’s not something for everyone. The tight-fitting form is not always particularly flattering. In addition, beards create their own issues.

Lang believes, however, that the turtleneck still needs something to achieve a proper breakthrough with the masses.


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