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The Night Of Premiere: Did HBO’s Moody Murder Drama Arrest You?

The Night Of Premiere: Did HBO’s Moody Murder Drama Arrest You?

Michael SlezakJuly 11, 2016

Light sleepers, take heart.

Your precious slumber may be interrupted by every car horn, temperamental alley cat and arguing couple on the block, but before you lament your situation, put yourself in the shoes of The Night Of‘s Nasir “Naz” Khan. After a drug-fueled, Rip Van Winkle moment, the wide-eyed college student wakes up to find his sweet-but-slightly-off-kilter one-night stand has been savagely murdered in her bedroom.

While he’s maybe/probably not guilty — if Naz (Nightcrawler‘s Riz Ahmed) committed the crime, wouldn’t he have had more than just a little blood on his hands? — his actions after discovering the body don’t exactly paint him as an innocent man.

By the end of the premiere, it’s easy to see why the case’s veteran lead investigator Det. Box (Damages‘ Bill Camp) might think that getting a conviction will be easier than convincing Naz to offer up a DNA cheek swab before the words “I want a lawyer” have entered his brain.

But speaking of attorneys, there’s a glimmer of reasonable doubt at the end of the tunnel — as grizzled Jack Stone (John Turturro) stumbles onto the scene and agrees to mount the handsome Naz’s defense/offer him some crucial advice about not adding to the pile of evidence already stacked up against him.

Let’s recap the action from Episode 1 — and break down the nagging questions that’ll need answering over the course of the next seven weeks:

the night of andrea
the night of andrea

HE’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE, BUT HE WON’T DO THAT | Our story begins with Naz on campus, tutoring a star basketball player and scoring an unlikely invite from the guy’s teammate to attend a hot Manhattan party. We see the kid’s nervousness (“Nice to meet you — my name’s Naz,” he practices to himself) and excitement about briefly breaking away from a life of academia and familial duty with his close-knit Pakistani-American family in Queens. But when his ride cancels at the last minute, Naz impetuously “borrows” his dad’s cab — with his passage through a Manhattan toll plaza the first of many moments forebodingly captured on camera.

Since he can’t figure out how to activate the “off duty” sign, Naz winds up with a husky-voiced beauty in the back of his vehicle, asking to be taken to “the beach.” There’s a connection — or at least a heavy dose of pheromones — in the air, and the temperature between Naz and the woman heats up as they wind up uptown, on the banks of the Hudson, popping pills and basking in dreamy moonlight conversation. He’s skittish. She’s a little sad. But they return to her Upper West Side brownstone — how does a mysterious young woman like her afford a swell pad like this, without so much as a single roommate? — for some tequila, cocaine and light knife play. “That, I will not do,” says Naz, when the girl asks him to plunge a blade between her outstretched fingers. But he’s intoxicated — by her charm, by the pharmaceutical high — and before you can say “Yikes! She’s gonna need stitches!”, she’s ignoring her nasty hand wound, locking lips with this swarthy cabbie and bringing him up to the bedroom.

the night of naz
the night of naz

THIS JUST CAN’T BE THE MORNING AFTER | Naz wakes up with his head on the girl’s kitchen table, a little worse for the wear and anxious to return his dad’s vehicle before the sun rises. But when he gets upstairs, he realizes his new lover has been brutally stabbed to death. He flees the scene in a panic, then has to return to the scene of the crime and break through the glass in the front door to sneak back in and retrieve his jacket and car keys (a minor crime noticed by a neighbor across the street) — as well as the knife with which he accidentally punctured the victim’s hand.

Naz winds up getting pulled over for erratic driving, but as brutal coincidence would have it, the cops who are questioning him get called to investigate the break-in at the house he just left. And so, from the back of their squad car, Naz endures watching flashlights climb to the third floor bedroom, the arrival of an ambulance, a CSU/Hazmat unit, and Det. Box. He’s shipped back to the precinct, where he’s left to sweat this nightmare scenario for hours, but the silent unknown proves to be far from the worst thing he’ll endure.

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