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The Last Ship Recap: Mine Games

The Last Ship Recap: Mine Games

Matt Webb MitovichJuly 11, 2016

This week on TNT’s The Last Ship, it was all hands on deck as the Nathan James did its best to elude nearly 100 mines. Elsewhere, President Michener dealt with hostiles of his own, while Doc Rios tended to a malaria emergency.

For the Nathan James, the news about the minefield they strolled into got worse and worse. There are 96 mines in total, in tethered clusters of three — a contact mine, a magnetic mine and… a mysterious “homemade” kind. Alas, one of the divers ignored the order to belay snipping free the mines, and the “mystery” one sensed tampering and blew up — Kudelski with it.

It is determined that the third mine has a small motor attached to it, and as such the mine clusters are slowly but surely propelling closer and closer to theJames. Chandler gets the idea to use a nixie (torpedo decoy) dragged by Jesse’s helo to trigger some nines. Danny does that idea one better by suggesting they use a RHIB to drag a second nixie, and clear the field twice as fast. Having neither wives nor kids back home, Wolf and Cruz volunteer to run the RHIB themselves, landing Danny and Sasha safely aboard the helo as lookouts.

The two-pronged plan works well enough, until a torpedo — launched by Takehaya’s men — enters the mix. Wolf and Cruz decide to use their nixie to lead the torpedo far away from the James, even if it means gunning their motor dangerously loud, at risk of setting off the mines. They manage to set off the torpedo, and just far enough away that the shockwave doesn’t trigger the entire minefield surrounding the ship. Wolf and Cruz are MIA for a spell, until they’re spotted floating, alive, in the water.

In the aftermath of that close call, Sasha pays stressed-out Chandler a visit in his quarters, observing that he perhaps has a “soft spot” for her, by keeping her out of harm’s way as he did with Danny. She remarks on how he juggles his responsibilities with such grace, and then goes in for a kiss. “I did not want to lose you today,” she shares before leaving.

Back in St. Louis, the regional leadership pays a house call to POTUS, demanding answers about what exactly Peng, Chandler and the James have been up to. Upon learning all the secrets, they lean on Michener to rescinding his unpopular domestic polices (such as ration stamps, stopping “land grabs”), but he deflects their threats, saying that the upcoming elections will allow the new Congress a voice. The reporter Barnes gets wind of Chandler’s cowboy mission, but Kara asks him to sit on the story — in trade for a 1-on-1 with Michener. Still, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Rivera advises the president to throw the regional leaders “a bone”….

Meanwhile on the island, Takehaya’s pregnant wife Kyoto is suffering from both the red flu and malaria. Doc Rios does his best to manage the touch-and-go situation, while Slattery worries what might happen should their captor suffer such a loss. Later, Takehaya assures his wife that he has a “plan,” that they wont be raising their child in hiding, on the lam. Is some sort of deal ahead for the captive James crew?

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