Tuesday, 17 January 2017: Let’s face it, after a while hair colours become old and boring. While you may have loved your hue when you first received it, after spending months (or even years) staring at it in the mirror, it’s only natural to want something new. Luckily, colouring hair has become more sophisticated and innovative than ever. This means, there are plenty of new and exciting colours just waiting for you to give them a try, and they’re better than ever. Rich and filled with vibrancy, today’s coolest colours are full of life. Multi-tonal and dimensional, they’re unique and somewhat mysterious. Blending and mixing different tones to create new and never-before-seen looks, today’s best colours are simply something you must try.

Two-Toned Hair

Two-toned hair doesn’t have to be half and half. By concentrating a dose of contrasting colour in one area, such as a fringe, you can create a look that’s exciting without being over-the-top.

Boldly coloured hair is in its prime and set to continue throughout 2017. While this two-toned, purple and blue look may be intense, it’s also right on trend.

This eye-catching look combines platinum locks with rich purple roots. Now that’s one stylish way to cover regrowth!

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Sticking with the standard dark-to-light ombre effect, this strawberry blonde style features a richer, orange hue at its roots.

Red with Blonde Highlights

By mixing in blonde highlights, red hair can become a sophisticated multi-tonal hue.

Light strawberry red hair easily becomes a gorgeous warm, blonde hue with the addition of highlights.

Red Brown Hair

Dark and rich yet filled with vibrancy, this lively red-brown mahogany colour is sure to win you plenty of compliments.

Red and Blonde Highlights

This cool, fiery hair colour can be created by crossing and blending red and blonde highlights together.

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This amazing hair colour concentrates dark lowlights on the ends of strands to create a cool, reverse ombre appearance.

Honey Brown Hair

Unlike colours such as chocolate and dark mocha, honey brown hues are infused with plenty of warmth, which brings out a gorgeous glow in all complexions.

Highlights for Brown Hair

By focusing highlights on the ends of strands, you’ll be able to maintain the intensity of your colour while adding lift and glow.

Golden Brown

Golden-brown hair, creates a light and youthful appearance that looks best paired with plenty of shine. If your brown hair is feeling a little dark, but you don’t fancy going blonde, this golden-brown colour could be the answer.

Dark Hair Colours

You don’t need to be a teenager to pull off boldly coloured hair. This rich purple hue perfectly blends fun and youthful aesthetics with an overall sensual and mature quality.

Dark Hair Balayage

Although balayage typically involves brown hair that gradually becomes blonde, this dark brown to light brown version is a stylish alternative.

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

If your dark brown hair is looking a little dull, consider adding some intense golden highlights to frame your face and brighten things up.

Highlights aren’t just for blondes. The addition of rich chestnut highlights in this brunette’s hair creates a radiant glow.

Chestnut Hair

Brown hair is made exciting again with this luxurious chestnut look. Worn with classic, glamour waves, this look is perfect for your next big party. Although this chestnut hue is lighter than some others in its family, it still offers a great robust colour with reddish undertones.

Brunette Balayage

This glamorous hair colour features a dark blonde balayage that perfectly blends with its brunette base to create a “bronde” effect.

Brown Hair with Blonde Tips

While curled hair blends blonde tips into brown locks, straight styles show off the bold contrast. Exciting colour isn’t just for ladies with long hair. This cool, chocolate brown look with blonde ends works perfectly for women who have a bob or lob.

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