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The 5 Men’s Accessory Trends


As autumn lands, the usual suspects return to your wardrobe: a warmer coat, thicker chinos, wet-weather boots. Goose pimpled flesh aside, style isn’t compromised by plummeting mercury. The chill brings a new world of layering that is, arguably, better looking than our summer lovin’ months.


Put Neckerchiefs On Your Neck


At Christmas coming soons, a piece of black silk that crosses over at the front are a strong midpoint between runways and realism. It’s a lesser-spotted choice that bends black tie dress codes.

The trend applies to the everyday too. In lieu of a reimagined cravat, adding a neckerchief to workwear-inspired looks from across the neck chore jackets and neutral chinos. Just keep patterns and colours simple, lest you look like a Dexys Midnight Runner.

Key Change


Instead of grungy BMX chains, however, these are leather loops attached to gold-gilted pocket books. Dark denim most readily, a janitorial style move to go with their workwear roots, so long as it’s the kind you wear with Cuban collar shirts.
The secret is to keep your look simple. A small key chain accessory that makes you a special fashion style.


Swollen Goods


Men’s bags have never offered much choice, but that is changing. Classic leather holdalls are increasingly used as everyday bags and the likes of  XL rucksacks on the more affordable and wearable spectrum. But if the backpack style is your first choice, then military backpacks from seasonal have been in a slightly more manageable size backpack.

Stick To The Brief


Just as oversized bags of the briefcase. It’s all about hard cases and luxe hardware. The secret is to choose versatility. Hard-sided briefcases are difficult to assimilate into everyday looks, but relaxed document holders are as appropriate perched next to your office chair or your bar stool.

Head Over Feels


With umber fur-lined bucket hats. Textured and featured a mismatch of stripes and ribbed wool. Topman slouchy beanies should be worn smaller with the focus on texture, more ribs and more stripes.



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